Sediment and Erosion Control Plans

The template for the Sediment Erosion Control Plan (SECP) has been approved by the Regional Board.

SECP Documents

The following PDF files should be downloaded. If you have questions regarding the forms please email or call 209-846-6112

If you are required to have a Sediment Erosion Control Plan due to how you answered question 3 on the Farm Evaluation and think you may have answered question 3 in error, please download the form below. Fill out the form (it is a fillable PDF) either on the computer or by hand and

EMAIL it to
OR MAIL it to East San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition 1201 L Street Modesto CA 95354

FORM:  Change Answer to Question #3 on Farm Evaluation

If there are any questions regarding the form please call 209-846-6112.

Grower Trainings to Certify Sediment & Erosion Control Plans

Central Valley Water Quality Coalitions are offering training sessions for growers to certify their own Sediment & Erosion Control Plans (SECP). The training sessions are put on by professional engineers who have been trained to deliver the curriculum posted below.

The grower trainings are 3 to 4 hour classes and participants will need to take a test before they can sign off on their SECP.

Grower Training study materials can be accessed and/or downloaded below from the following links:

The Sediment and Erosion Control Plan Self Certification Course will be conducted at the following locations. A grower may attend a training session outside of their coalition region to receive the certification.

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